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Univet is specialized in the design and manufacture of industrial safety eyewear.
It is the only Company in the world that can offer you a complete line of safety eyewear.

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Sometimes you need face protection and respiratory protection at the same time....
But what if your half mask will not fit under your face screen?

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Everybody likes CleanAir....
But in an industrial environment with dust, fumes, gasses, this is not always a given

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Reliable, just as the word says....
Are you looking for a Reliable source? Someone that takes care of your real problem? Then this is the place to be!

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Our “Worker EMERGENCY ID” products allow each worker to carry their critical and potentially lifesaving I.D.

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You Have To Know

We are only working with the best of the best.

  • Brands that are renowned for their superior value for money.
  • Innovative, always looking for the best solution for YOUR problem.

If needed, we combine the best solutions for a specific problem. No matter where it can be found on the world, we will get it to you!