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Our “Worker EMERGENCY ID” products allow each worker to carry their critical and potentially lifesaving I.D.

They provide paramedics or first-responders with the workers critical lifesaving medical information & emergency contacts – essential in an accident or medical emergency.

Most people want two things if they are involved in a serious accident or medical emergency at their workplace:
•    Appropriate and rapid medical assistance
•    Knowledge that their family / loved ones will be notified immediately

•    Employment records may have this information, but can it be accessed quickly 24/7?
•    Would workers on the scene of the accident know anything about the accident victim that would be critical in assisting the first responders or paramedics?
•    Do we really know our employees and work colleagues and what they want or need in case of emergency?

Our workers Emergency ID products are a tested, proven  and effective solution to strengthen on-site safety & risk management




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