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GVS Elipse

Sometimes you need face protection and respiratory protection at the same time....
But what if your half mask will not fit under your face screen?

Then it is time to have a look at the half mask solutions of GVS Elipse!

The Elipse Half-Face Mask represents a major leap in mask design and the development of new technology.

The result is a mask that enables the wearer to feel more comfortable and less constricted without compromising the efficiency and effectiveness of the mask.

GVS design and manufacture air filters for Safety to meet the most stringent controls to ensure that the products conform to the required standards throughout the world.

Elipse Mask is the most innovative patented concept of re-usable mask, designed by GVS, being the lightest and most compact mask on the market. Elipse is made in UK and sold over 100 countries via distributors and GVS subsidiaries, conform to EN (EUROPE), NIOSH (USA), EAC (RUSSIA), CA (BRAZIL), LA (CHINA) standard and is pursuing certifications in 2016 in many other countries.

GVS produce a very innovative range of disposable respirators using a technology protecting wearers against Biohazard risks, including agents of class 2 and 3 described in the CE directive 54/2000.

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