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Inherent FR Coveralls

If you work in a place where there is the risk of fire or explosion like in the Oil & Gas secto then your coverall is more then only to protect you against dirt and give you some space to take your tools on the workplace. In case of emergency your coverall will also buy you the necessary time to run away from the accident towards safety. More than once our coveralls saved a life!
For inherent flame retardant coveralls there is now the latest innovation: our Modacrylic Globe coverall. Your benefits:
•    Breath ability; In our hot and humid climate, it wears like a cotton coverall, but it is inflammable!
•    Non itchy, totally different to other inherent flame retardant products
•    Brilliant colours and no colour fading due to ultra violet radiation, like other inherent flame retardant products
•    Very cost effective, typically 10% lower in price than other inherent flame retardant products
Choose your coverall from our range and do you want something different? Dapro is the specialist in tailor made solutions. Think of:
•    Extra pockets
•    Different reflective striping
•    Your logo embroidered on the jacket
Do you want your coverall to last long? We are here to help. Most of the time your coverall gets damaged during washing. The result is shrinkage and colour fading. This is not necessary if you wash our coveralls with the right detergent.
We can help your laundry with the right detergents. The result is a far better return on your investment!