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FR winter jackets

Work in areas with the risk of fire or explosion? Choose FR safety garments to be able to escape the hazard. For people who are not familiar with the weather conditions in our part of the world it is not understandable: why would you need a winter jacket in the desert? Well, come with us in December on an evening and you will never wonder again! Temperatures close to zero are no exception.
For this specific condition we designed a range of winter jackets. Not as thick as what we supply in the North sea or Caucasian region, but fit for purpose in the Middle East.
Choose your winter jacket with fire retardant or fire retardant and antistatic properties. Do you want something different? Dapro is the specialist in tailor made solutions. Think of:
•    Extra pockets
•    Different reflective striping
•    Your logo embroidered on the jacket
•    Water repellent finish for the days it rains in the Middle East