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Bullet Proof Cooling vest

Our Ice Cooling Vest is designed to circulate chilled water through the tubing in the vest to get an optimal personal cooling performance. Made of stretch or mesh fabric with four zones medical grade soft tubes, the Ice cooling vest provides optimal heat exchange and creates a high cooling effect for the wearer.
 The Bullet Proof Ice Cooling Vest combines the Ice cooling vest with a bullet proof vest.
It provides both protection against bullets and gives heat stress relief for the user.
It increases the heat stress mission endurance time in extreme hot conditions!


Operational process:

l  Add flow water in the backside of the bladder

l  Fill ice cubes and drinking water in the top of bladder

l  Connect the battery

l  Don bullet proof vest and tighten the Velcro straps

l  Put on backpack system and connect the quick fitting tubes

l  As soon as you turn on the power, the cooling starts to work

l  Drinking water for hydration is available from the tube at the front side of the backpack



l  Fabric: Military camouflage and mesh liner

l  Other outer fabric design and colours are available

l  Liquid cooling: 4 zones cooling channels

l  Bullet proof standard: UL752 or EN1063

l  Cooling style: front and back

l  Hydration system: cold drinking water

l  Connector: CPC quick fitting

l  Bladder: TPU material

l  Pump: 7.4V

l  Battery: 7.4V 2200mAh


 Key Features:

l  Military level bullet proof function

l  Liquid cooling function

l  Hydration system

l  Front and back cooling design

l  Matching various cooling systems



Military, Police and Security etc.
Model Number: COMP-IBP04