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Sweat aiding underwear

To cool down, you need to sweat. That is the rule of the nature. The evaporation of your sweat will cool you down.  There is only one little problem: we cover people up with uniforms that prevent them to sweat! The reasons are good: Appearance, safety, hygiene... But the result is dramatic. We prevent their body to effectively cool down, resulting in heat related illnesses.
To enhance the sweating capacity of a person there is now sweat aiding underwear.
Functional underwear is essentially to fulfill two functionalities: Optimum wearing comfort coupled with a good regulation of the body temperature.
Underwear is considered as optimum by the wearer, when it is hardly perceived. It shall fit as possibly tight while being convenient and not slip even on hard physical activity. Thus, a chafing on the skin is avoided most reliably.
With regard to body climate, underwear first and foremost fulfills the function of keeping the wearer on the right temperature. On the other side, people in motion sweat and produce humidity, which can get displeasing. Relating to the surrounding temperature you can easily overheat or under cool. This can be avoided by an effective sweat management of the clothing.
Functional Underwear has to meet all named requirements. This calls for an innovative combination of material and knitting.
Xystec® is a functional underwear of ideal fit as its design is adjusted to the respective body areas by means of body scanning technologies and thermal imaging methods.
Disturbing seams have been waived to the greatest possible extent in order to optimize wearing comfort.