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Water cooling

For extreme situations like ambient temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius we have our personal cooling systems based on ice water cooling. The principle is simple: in a back or waist pack we put ice and we connect this reservoir with a vest that has 20 meter of medical grade silicon tube on it. We circulate the cold water around the wearers body, cooling him down very effectively. Typically you will have one hour of cooling with one kg of ice in 50 degrees Celsius. Our backpack can store up to 3 kg of Ice.
Besides the vest we also have a complete suit or even a car seat cover. The seat cover can be ideally used on a fork lift truck or club car, keeping the passengers effectively cool during the hot Middle East summers!
Our latest innovation is the combination of a bullet proof vest with this cooling solution. The best of both worlds, protection against bullets but keep your staff cool and vigilant. Danger is always around the corner!