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Glove washing

"Don't throw your money in the bin!"
Do not waste your money by buying new gloves all the time.
Let us recondition them for you!

With our glove washing service we can help you to re-use your gloves in a responsible way




To get optimal protection for your employees it is advisable to use premium safety gloves. It is important to use clean gloves for optimal protection.
We now offer you a washing service for your gloves. This will safeguard your investment in the protection of your employees.

So, here is your choice:
•    You throw your gloves in the waste bin, adding to your environmental footprint
•    Or, optionally you give them to us, in order to recondition them. Your benefit? Less waste, less wasted money! Instead of buying new gloves a their original price, we will recondition them for you for only AED 5 per pair! Our experience shows that we can wash your gloves up to 10 times

What we do for you:
•    Washing: we wash your gloves in an environmental friendly way, we use enzymatic detergents to thoroughly clean your gloves and we have optimized our water reuse systems to reduce our environmental footprint with this service
•    Checking: Our employees are trained to determine if the gloves are fit for purpose. Before and after washing they check for defects and separate them if they have the opinion that they will not properly protect your employees anymore
•    Sorting: For delivery we use our standard, reusable crates. Your gloves are delivered, sorted per size, ready to be used again by your employees
•    Our standard delivery time is 5 working days.
•    You will get a detailed invoice, that specifies what we deliver, per model/size, complete pairs, single pieces and rejects

•    For quantities more than 200 pair we offer you free pick-up & delivery, for smaller quantities we add a delivery charge of AED 1 per pair
•    You can hand the gloves unsorted and uncounted, packed in our standard reusable crate to our driver. We will only invoice what we deliver back as perfectly (re)usable gloves.
•    You prepare a gate pass and clearing papers for entering and leaving the free zone
•    For this service we require payment on delivery

Questions? Call 055 735 7134 and we will find a way to sort out your problems!