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Make money with safety!

The safety dilemma: Why should I spend all this money, if they are more careful, nothing will happen.....Wrong!

People are people and you know what is so wonderful? We make mistakes for all the right reasons. 

They take shortcuts to get the work done. They think that they are so experienced that nothing will happen to them. They think that because of the circumstances, nothing can be changed.
They do not want to break the rules (but they do, all the time!)

So, what to do?

  • Get them PPE that will help them instead of hindering them, you will notice that they will use it
  • Get them PPE that will change their situation. Your bonus is that you will get more production and less mistakes. That is what we call a good investment
  • Train them, let them be aware of the real risks and what they can do themselves to go home safe after work

We are here to help to get the best out of your investment!