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When it comes to reducing costs by investing in staff safety, it takes a serious collaboration between the business owner and a skilled safety expert. Together we will find the optimal solution that works for your business!

Safety consult

Over the years we have gained a lot of knowledge about the best practice of implementing safety procedures and the best use of PPE.

You might be surprised with how small an investment in the safety of your staff, you will be able to safe a lot of overall costs.

Our experienced consultants will give you a 30 minutes intake consult, free of charge, to show you the possible gains for your company.

Beat the heat training

Do you recognise any of the following situations during hot summers with your staff?
• Production capacity runs down to 50%
• Expensive quality and safety mistakes
• Much more sick days
• Low motivation with the staff

Then here is the solution!
Let us train your staff to be top performers in the coming summer!

After the training they will know and have practiced:

• How and why they should stay as fit as possible during summer
• What and what not to eat and drink
• How to dress best to get rid of the heat
• How to recognize the symptoms of heat illnesses with their colleagues and themselves
• First Aid measures

If this is what you want, do not hesitate any longer and give our consultants a call!

They will tailor the training to your exact needs and make sure that your staff will be top performers during next summer, getting you the results that you want and have invested for!

Safety assessment

You will be amazed what "fresh eyes"see!

It is well known that when working for some time in the same position, people tend to get used to the situation they are working in.

It is sometimes difficult to "think outside the box".
That is where our consultants come in.

During a simple tour through your facility, they will point out the possible safety improvements that can be done at a minimum cost.

But, if you want, they will go the "extra mile" helping you to implement these improvements!

What our clients say: