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Safety at work is peoples business. Worst case there are lives at stake!

Since we truly believe that every life is sacred, we will never compromise with our products and advice given.

Work with us to find out that the latest innovative products will increase the safety of your staff and at the same time save you a lot of costs!

We live up to the promise that is in our name.
The result is that you will find a range of good quality products, solving real problems.

But it is not only the products that you will find us reliably supplying to you.
We do what we say. In promising delivery times, in after service, in finding the optimal solution for your problem.

We combine our European knowledge with in depth know-how of what works here in the Middle East.
Therefore, we can offer you a range of innovative solutions, most of the time combining existing technologies, never compromising on the safety aspect:

  • Innovative safety eye wear from Univet
  • Fashionable safety footwear from Exena
  • Our Reliable Cooling products, to prevent heat related illnesses
  • Our environmental services, reconditioning gloves and repairing uniforms
  • Our special products section, some examples:
    • Protection against electrical shock
    • Escape set back pack carrier
    • Moto airbag systems
    • Back support belt
    • Hoisting aids

Last but not least, we are Dubai based, so just a phone call away!

You are our main concern.

If you are happy, we will make our sale and we will be happy.

Happy because you solved a problem.

Happy because your staff will perform better and be more safe.

Easy? Yes, with our 30 years of experience in safety, this is no experiment for us.

Please make use of it!

Safety? It is in our blood.

We know how to make money for you and increase the safety level at the same time!

What our clients say: